Discover your story that's worth it's weight in GOLD!

Instructor: Euwarnii HughesLanguage: English

About the course

Are you an entrepreneur that wants to be a self-published author? Do you want to leave a legacy to your kids beyond your job? Do you want to create assets that can build you a legacy as well as a fortune?

If you said yes to all 3, then then you've come to the Right place! Welcome to SELF-PUBLISHING GOLDMIINE 

Entrepeneurs, Coaches and Consultants, go from your idea to your self-published book in just 90 days!

In this 13 week group coaching program we show you:

  • The true power of self-publishing
  • How to create your first manga series
  • How to create your first book
  • How to sell your book successfully
  • How to unleash the expert within.
  • How to build and protect your IP!

By enrolling you gain access to:

  • 13 week virtual workshop
  • 1 weekly group coaching call
  • Epic Bonus Content 

And it all ties back to gold. See many people want to create stories quickly that are vague, that lack depth. In this program we'll show you how dig deep to produce the greatness within. To unearth the unique greatness trapped inside you like gold🥇🏆

Become a professional author faster with our expert guidance. All of this for an investment of $6000 or 2 payments of $3500.

This is your time. This is your season. It's time to uncover your Self-Publishing GOLDMIINE!

Writer's Foundation!

Patricia D. Testimonial for Self-Publishing GOLDMIINE Group Coaching Program.


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